Our Programme

Transformative Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment at The Warmth Rehab

At The Warmth Rehab, we comprehend the distinctive challenges individuals encounter when overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. Our treatment programme is crafted to integrate the strengths of Western and Eastern medical approaches, culminating in a specialised and holistic programme tailored specifically for you. Our objective is to equip you with the tools and support required for a successful recovery journey. Our specialised and individualised treatment programme is structured to attend to your unique needs, offering a warm and compassionate environment for transformation. Our Comprehensive Treatment Programme encompasses various components, including:

Psychological treatment

Engage in a transformative blend of CBT, 12 steps, and mindfulness for a holistic recovery approach.


Physical therapy

Personalized exercises strengthen your body, providing a resilient foundation for overall health and well-being.


Holistic therapy

Immerse in yoga, meditation, therapeutic massage, art, and music therapy for a balanced and sustainable recovery.


One-on-one Counselling

Receive dedicated support with weekly private sessions from our medical and psychological professionals.


Group counselling

Forge connections with peers in group sessions five times a week, fostering collective strength and camaraderie.


Family therapy

Embrace familial support through inclusive group sessions and online counseling for open communication and understanding.


After care

กBenefit from ongoing support with close monitoring and continuous online counseling beyond the initial treatment phase.


Weekly excursion

Explore self-discovery in tailored off-site activities based on your interests, enhancing your journey towards a fulfilling life in recovery.

Decision to Start Anew Life Begins Today

At The Warmth Rehab, you’ll find supportive peers facing similar challenges, exchanging encouragement and experiences. Our dedicated team of medical professionals and therapists is committed to leveraging their expertise to provide counseling and support, empowering you to achieve lasting recovery.